Welcome to Our Studio

Ballet Society of North County is closed

We are dedicated to developing each student’s individual personality, creative spirit and the desire to dance. Our friendly and nurturing atmosphere will enrich their lives forever, regardless of their pursuits.

Classes are taught by experienced teachers with outstanding credentials in the professional world of dance.

Enjoyment while learning is our goal. All students are given performance opportunities in our annual Nutcracker and student concerts.

Ballet Society of North County

Parents are encouraged to visit classes at the end of each quarter. At any time, parents may make an appointment to discuss their child’s progress.

Your enrollment is a statement of your confidence in our school and we deeply appreciate this.

Students are expected to attend class regularly. Absences without reason may result in demotion or dismissal. When a student enrolls in the school, we encourage them to be enrolled for the full year as with any other school. This policy is to ensure that the student has the opportunity to fully learn proper technique in a sequential manner without interruption. A few weeks or months sporadically are not encouraged.

Students will be placed in the appropriate class based on age, prior training, and ability. Promotions are based on maturity in cognitive and motor skills, not on time spent in a particular level class.

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